Flexible Compatibility:

Works with any browser, device, and operating systems. It can be used with iOS and Android platforms.

Multiple-Platform Support:

Download from prominent media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo easily.

Robust Performance:

Quick conversion and direct download. No requirement of the signup process.

Cloud Storage:

Quick QR Scans to store the converted files in Cloud Databases such as OneDrive, Google Drive, and others.

Youtube To Mp3

This youtube to mp3 converter is a web-based utility that can help you to convert youtube videos to mp3/mp4 formats online. Just paste the URL of the video and download youtube mp3.

Youtube To Mp3 Online Converter: Download Youtube Videos Into Mp3/Mp4 Versions

“Music and Rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”- Plato. Nowadays everyone’s life is linked to music in some way. Some people love to dance off to their favorite music and some would love to listen to music on a long drive. Or some would find a companion in the shape of music, and try to soothe their broken hearts while listening to songs. People tend to have their favorite songs arranged in playlists and sometimes they just want to listen to their favorite tunes without going online.

For instance, people are in a place where there are not many internet facilities available and they want to listen to music, or sometimes they want to enjoy music while doing some other work. The reason why it seems to be a good option to download only the audio of video songs from Youtube. It will not only save storage and will keep the irritation of buffering and internet connection restriction.

Many sites like are set up to serve the purpose of extracting the audio from the video and then download it. This platform will not only allow the audio extraction a hassle-free process, but the audio quality will be superior too. Another thing that bothers users a lot is annoying ads pop-ups; this free youtube to mp3 converter online is free of such advertisements. The primary goal is to provide the best and reliable services to the users.

Best Free Online Youtube To Audio Converter

The Internet is filled with countless converters available online that offer the users to convert video songs into mp3 and then download them. Every website claims to provide the most efficient services to their clients, but most of them are not up to the standard. They sometimes lack the basic features for conversion and some are only compatible with some devices. These issues can be avoided by using this converter as this site is equipped with all the necessary features responsible for converting a video song into an audio format. The users will not be disappointed by their experience and will prefer to use this platform again.

The plugins and extensions offer the efficient services of converting and downloading the youtube video into an mp3 version. They usually lead to multiple tabs of advertisements and make your device vulnerable to malware and viruses. The malware not only causes damage to the device’s data but also slows down the whole conversion process. It is recommended not to use such plugins and extensions as they will invite hackers and viruses to your system and the susceptibility of the device would deteriorate. Some of them do not even support all the devices. Apart from the above-mentioned issues, sluggish speed and low quality are two main things that are disliked by the users.

That being said, it is advisable to use an efficient tool for downloading your favorite song. The plugins and extensions should not be used by users, rather it is always better to extract and download the converted audio from the website online. Youtube to mp3 online is one of the best converters that is not bound by any such kinda stuff. This platform is free of sluggishness, low quality, and any safety issues.

This online tool is used to download youtube mp3 in a fuzz-free process. It fulfills all the requirements that are necessary for converting and downloading video songs to audio songs. Being compatible with all the devices and providing safety are two major stand out points that make it the best Youtube mp3 downloader online and efficient for the users.

How To Convert Youtube Video to MP3 with Our Tool?

Here are the steps on how to download Youtube Mp3 and convert that into an mp3 version.

  • 1Open Youtube on your browser and search for your desired video to convert into an mp3 format. Then, copy the URL of the video.
copy the url
  • 2Paste the link in the user interface that was copied from the Youtube video.
paste the link
  • 3Select the desired quality and format of the video to be downloaded.
quality and-format
  • 4Click on the “Convert it” button.
convert it
  • 5After that, click on the “Download the converted file” and save the downloaded audio on your device.
download the converted file
  • 6Your audio file is downloaded. Enjoy!

The procedure to download youtube videos mp3 is the same on all devices like laptops, mobile phones, or iPhones. It does not require any hidden charges and additional requirements, making it the best online Youtube mp3 downloader.

What Makes Our Youtube Audio Downloader The Best?

Several factors make this stand out in the list of other Youtube audio downloaders. Some of these traits are listed below.

Easily approachable: 

Youtube to mp3/mp4 converter is easily approachable for the users to convert video songs to an mp3 one without any hindrance. Youtube video to mp3 converter serves as an extremely easy platform for customers to convert to mp3 and listen to their favorite music.


This platform is accessible without any restrictions.

No Hidden Charges: 

This converter requires no cost or any hidden charges for converting and downloading. It even laid off any charges to be paid for iPhone users, making this the best converter of all.


It is not bounded with extensions and plugins and even websites, the best Youtube to mp3 converter is extremely safe to you. The focus is on providing top-notch services to users for converting and downloading, and that too without annoying advertisements. All of such advertisements and viruses are blocked by the website to spurt the functionality of the device. In terms of safety, there is no better online platform for downloading and converting video songs to mp3.

Compatibility level: 

Youtube to mp3 is such a converter that is compatible with all types of devices like cell phones, tablets, laptops, and the iPhone and goes along well with all the operating systems.

Best Speed and quality: 

The download speed depends on the internet connection mostly but the platform downloads the file at the maximum speed possible and in the high quality without slowing the process. The users will be entirely satisfied by using this free Youtube to mp3 tool.

Sleek Interface: 

Youtube video to mp3 converter is equipped with a user friendly and sleek graphical interface that is quite impressive to use. The users find it so easy to navigate through the interface and the process would become fuzz-free. There is no need to search for any hidden options as everything is visible on the front page and easy to understand.


The converter is available in multiple languages as per the choice of users. Many platforms don’t offer this feature, but it becomes easier to understand the process in your language. But on this Youtube to mp3 converter, the users can select their own language. List of available languages; English, Deutsche, Espanol, francais, Italiano, Turk, Suomalainen, Português.


Youtube to mp3 converter is not only compatible with Youtube, it also supports other streaming websites too like Soundcloud, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The users can use this platform for downloading and converting videos into mp3 versions from all these websites.

Editing features: 

This converter provides the editing options like the users can cut the file to the desired length, add metadata, or even insert any mp3 cover-art. The cover art mostly adds automatically to the converted song.

Several audio/video formats: 

This website not only provides mp3 format but other formats like aac and m4a as well. Besides, it also converts and downloads the videos in several video formats like mp4, 3gp, Mkv, and many others.

Cloud Support: 

Youtube to mp3 is also backed up by cloud storage. The users can save their favorite songs on Dropbox or One Drive Cloud and can access them anytime they want.

So all of these aspects make this converter the best one available on the Internet.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there any signup or registration or charges required to use this Youtube to mp3?

Youtube to Mp3 is no doubt the best converter online as it is free of cost, equipped with ideal features, and provides safety to its customers. There is no prerequisite for account sign in or sign up, making this platform as most reliable and efficient in its functioning and usage.

What is meant by Free Music?

Free Music is the music which is not restricted by any copyrights or performance rights. It does not mean that it is entirely free; it still has some rights reserved.

Which websites are compatible with this platform?

All streaming websites are compatible with our Youtube to mp3, but the most popular is Youtube.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, the restriction to this converter is that the maximum video duration must be less than 1 hour and 30minutes and the final downloaded file size be less than 200 MB.

Is the music I find on Youtube legal and free of copyrights?

Sometimes the music on Youtube is legal, and sometimes it is not. But the content that is not restricted by copyrights is free and legal, and you can find such music on youtube.

Can I access this Youtube to mp3 tool in my country?

Yes, Youtube to mp3 converter is easily accessible all around the globe. If you are not able to access, you can use VPN and unblock the site in your respective area.


The frequently asked questions are a great source of information about common concerns of users. The information is provided as it is based on facts, the website does not own the damages caused by the use of any answer to the question. It does not provide legal advice to any user and does not form any “Attorney” and “client” relationship.