Privacy Policy

Before using YoutubeToMP3App, it is vital to read and understand privacy policies. This will help in keeping you safe and informed at all times. We value you, and our aim is to be as transparent as possible.

The Collection Of User Data:

Whenever you decide to use YoutubeToMP3App, we may collect the following data to further analyze and improve our services:

  • A number of downloads conducted, their quality and format, speed of the download, and other relevant statistics.
  • Error reports, wrong URLs, failure to process or convert URL, and other interruption of services.
  • User Data such as IP address, region or country, suggestion, keyword use, and email addresses.


Cookies are an important part of any internet platform to enhance the services and experience for users. Therefore:

  • It is possible that we may utilize cookies to help us enhance your experience with our platform.
  • There is no implication that we can access your computer or data in any manner. However, we may log your usage and record the preferences.
  • By understanding your experience on the platform, we can further personalize it with cookies enabled to offer you a distinguishable and competent service.
  • You have complete right and permission to disable cookies and prevent their use by using your browser’s settings.

Third-Party Advertisement:

The primary purpose of the collection of data is to optimize our services for you and promote it for use. However, we may further use this data to:

  • Provide personalized advertisements according to your preference from the third-party advertising companies. Furthermore, your habits and use of the Service may also provide them information on providing the most-relevant advertisement.
  • We are not responsible for these advertisements once you click or access them in any form. They may have different privacy policies and terms & conditions. We do not support their use.
  •  They can not access any personal information or data unless you consensually provide it. It includes data such as Email address, name, physical address, phone number, IP address, and other information.